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Introducing Us

Outstanding Media Production House

If you need your filming and photography to stand out way above the competition, you have found the perfect company to collaborate with.  International Award winning Filmmaking, Videography and Photography serving, not only Cambridge, but global clients too.

RAPT TV’s David Spurdens wins multiple international awards for his film “Your Next Step...”

Corporate Filmmaking

Corporate Filmmaking by RAPTTV brings high production big budget filming techniques to the corporate world.  It can take your film to the level: of a broadcast TV series, documentary or film that produces technically superior, more immersive, more watchable films.  We have the world’s best in-house cinema cameras – the RED V Raptor and the RED Komodo, allied with our Zeiss CP.3 cinema lenses – producing incredible footage up to super slow-mo. cinema lenses & the amazing Canon C300 Mark 3 and Canon R5C with range of Canon ‘L’ lenses, in fact we have complete production facilities, lighting, editing, audio and more to make your film from conception to final cut.

Advertising and Marketing, Sports, Action and Lifestyle’

After a lifetime filming sports globally for a variety of top clients, David Spurdens, with his 8K RED V Raptor & 6K RED Komodo (with a global shutter,) with cinema lenses and full production equipment (all in-house), is available to hire as camera operator, director of photography, story board development etc.  Contact David to discuss your project. 

See David's thoroughbred Racehorses Showreel

Racehorses Showreel applies to all action sports really, check out the smooth pans, the slow motion and the beautiful shots in this showreel.

Corporate Video

We make a distinction between our modern corporate filmmaking and corporate video.  While still comporting to our same high production values, video, we feel is more explanative, less filmic, but providing the corporate message and promoting exactly how you want to project your business to your clients.  A great corporate video should sing the company’s message as its main theme. 

Our Services

What we can offer you
Corporate Filmmaking

Corporate Filmmaking introduces advanced camera moves, techniques and offers a more high end production flavour to the film. We introduce a storyline that’s more immersive and closer to a TV programme, or film than corporate video. This style looks high budget and is in our opinion should be more immersive for a wider audience. If you want to impress a much wider audience that a B2B corporate video this is the way to go. Sometime somewhere in-between works well too, we can advice and work with you to achieve your look.

Camera operation for advertising and marketing

With our Red V Raptor and Komodo and Zeiss CP.3’s, we have two great cameras in-house to film your next sports, action or associated lifestyle advertising campaign and or commercial. Get in touch to see if we are a good fit for your project. We don't charge for a chat!

Corporate Videography

A more business based approach that directly supports the Company’s message - also with cutting-edge, award-winning results, just a slightly different style.


International Award-Winning Photography: David Spurdens is the best for commercial and corporate photography. Offering photography to both commercial and editorial clients.

Our Work

Creative minds are powerful resources

Two Camera Systems means two choices. Both offer advantages depending on the project. Both are cutting-edge, up to the minute technology. The RED V Raptor and RED Komodo, with our cinema lenses, used on many film sets globally, offer the very best in quality. In-house. we also own the Canon C300 Mark 3 and Canon R5C: two giants of the corporate and documentary world, with Canon L glass and Canon CNE glass. All the cameras are Netfilx/BBC approved. When you commission us, you get the best equipment currently available.

Why Choose Us

Capture the beauty in simplicity

Filming for corporate clients for over 30 years from the North Pole to Tasmania David brings all that accrued knowledge to your filmmaking, videography and photography requirements.

See David in the back of a war bird flying over the Matterhorn whilst filming the Honda Jet Ad Campaign.

Filmmaking Skills
Videography Skills
Photography Skills

We were knocked out by RaptTV’s latest video for illumina: great production values, beautifully storyboarded and slickly edited. Another strong film from the team!

– Terry Hope, Editor, Professional Photo

We can collaborate on any part of your project. We can think up whole films and present them to you, or we can collaborate with you on your ideas to meet your specific requirements. Conception to parts in projects will be considered.Our promise to our clients is that you can be sure that we will only take on your project if we feel we can complete it to your and our satisfaction.It’s the reason we have so many happy repeat clients.


What the Press Say

See what some of our previous clients have said.


Terry Hope

Editor of “Professional Photo Magazine”.
“I have worked with David Spurdens of RAPT TV for many years and have regularly featured his work in the magazines I’ve edited. He’s always full of strong creative ideas and is very proactive in his approach, offering ideas and angles that have been well thought through and which are perfect for our titles. His work is dynamic and exciting and he’s always got time to go into detail and to give us the material we’re looking for.”

Adam Duckworth

Editor in Chief of Definition Magazine and Pro Movie Maker Magazine.

“David is passionate about using the very latest equipment to push the boundaries of his creative filmmaking even further. He always delivers strong, impactful films that immerse the viewer inside his world of stunning visuals and captivating storytelling.”