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Rapt TV’s David Spurdens sees a difference between the more film-based values or corporate filmmaking and and corporate video that, while still creative, sends direct business messages, with a more business-to-business or business-to-customer approach. 

Here is an example of a corporate which, we think, has a nice balance of creative corporate filming and video.


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“World class cinematic filmmaking, videography & photography for our clients”

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Action, Sports and Associated Lifestyle

RAPT TV has extensive experience in action filming. David Spurdens has spent a lifetime in sport and action photography and filming having gained experience viewing the Worlds best sports events as Chief Sports Photographer of a British National Newspaper for 8 years. David uses this accrued knowledge to bring a realistic scenes to his filming. David spent 10 years living and filming in the European Alps from Snowboarding to B.A.S.E. Jumping and has or many years supplied numerous Advertising campaigns through his agent Corbis and later Getty Images. David films with the amazing Red Digital Cinema V Raptor 8K with amazing slow motion capabilities and a global shutter Red Komodo 6K, both cameras cut superbly together and shot through Zeiss CP.3 lenses giving the worlds best quality in a wide range of situations that no other camera in the World can match, from super slow motion to fast paced action. We also offer a Canon C300 Mark 3 and Canon R5C with canon ‘L ’glass two of the Documentary and TV kings of cameras. Add to all this lighting, audio, post production RAPT TV has everything covered, contact us for a chat.

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RAPT TV is well placed to offer your business a high quality, unique and fresh international look that businesses require.

Our in-house cameras include the amazing Dual Gain Sensor 10 & 12 Bit Canon C300 Mark III, the 16 Bit Red Komodo 6K with global shutter and the Canon R5 using the best CNE Cinema & EF L Glass.

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Our Work

Corporate Training Videos

High end corporate training videos can transform how a company communicates with its clients and staff globally.

Here’s two of the “Self Help” range we shot for Illumina Inc.