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Choosing the right Video & Film Production Company for your Project

Are you looking for a video or film production company to promote your brands and products in London? Have you typed into Google search for film production companies in London? I’m sure you were overwhelmed as to how many UK production companies & film companies there are in London. 

So how to choose from all the different film production companies in London? We are not here to put down any London-based production companies. 

As film industry experts we are here to offer sound & solid advice on factors, such as your project needs, creative vision and budget. 

Questions to ask Film & Video Production Companies 

What RAPT TV offer as a Films & Videos Production Company 

As a film & video production company, there is no disputing we are a company with years of experience. Boasting an extensive portfolio of award-winning films and photography from around the world. 

David Spurdens Films & Video Production Company 

The company RAPT TV was started by David after having a successful career making sporting action films and action photography. David has been involved in many advertising campaigns and films using a Red Digital Cinema V Raptor 8K. 

With David’s 30 years of experience, you can rest assured he has been thrilling audiences with his films. All of this has made RAPT TV with its video production service the most respected video production company UK and beyond. 

Productions of Films

As an established film company in London, when it comes to making films for a client or company. It is not just a case of rushing out with a camera and capturing footage. As a successful film creator, David has to think about content, lighting, filming equipment 

There is an awful lot of work that goes into films & productions, which is known as post production.

Film-Making Essentials 

Creative Content

Having a storyboard with relevant content is essential to produce a good film. Not everybody is creative or has the aptitude for creativity. 

We have the experience and creativity to help your London Company create a film that will captivate its viewers. All films we are involved with producing will promote your company brand exactly as intended.

Equipment Used to Make Films

Whether it’s slow motion or fast action films, RAPT TV is the company with the latest high-tech equipment to make films. 

Whatever your budget you have to make films in London, RAPT TV will be more than happy to be involved in your next project. 

Film & Video Production Services 

Renowned in the industry as a corporate video production company with excellent content & productions. RAPT TV is a film company set on delivering the finest films for all our corporate clients. 

Whether it’s a short film or features films as a film company, RAPT TV is equipped to deliver exactly and on time what a client has requested. 

Our Portfolio of Productions 

Without a doubt, David with his filming & photography work has an award-winning portfolio, all of which can be viewed on the RAPT TV website. 

We are positive you will be impressed with David’s films and photography work over the years, not just in London but worldwide.

Need Our Film Production Skills?

If you need us to make you corporate films or a video, then please get in touch with us. All contact information is available on our contact webpage. Here you will find our phone number, address, social media and email. 

If convenient, just shoot us a message using our contact form. We would love to hear from you and collaborate on your next project.