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Award-Winning Camera Operator & Cameraman 

Cameraman with International Experience & Expertise

If you need an internationally renowned sports cameraman for sports photography, RAPT TV is the go-to company. RAPT TV not only use the latest cameras and equipment they also have the experience all good camera operators need.

Renowned Cameraman David Spurdens

David Spurdens with his wealth of experience in film, sport and live event shots is one of the world’s top camera operators. Working and based at his studio in Cambridge, England, David is in constant demand to capture events around the world.

Award-Winning Camera Operator 

As a camera operator with vast experience, David’s work takes him from Antarctica to Australia. Capturing on film sporting and corporate filmmaking for global well-known clients.

Live Events Cameraman 

David has filmed and photographed many sporting and live-action occasions. Working for 8 years for a British National Newspaper as a chief sports photographer has taken David far and wide. The experience David has gathered over the years is now encompassed in RAPT TV. 

Quality Cameras & Equipment 

All of our camera gear is of good quality, although having a quality camera does not make for a good cameraman. Camera operators need a keen eye and lots of skill to capture on film, events as they happen. 

Qualities & Skills of a Good Sports Cameraman 

Becoming a good camera operator requires a certain level of patience and a good eye to get those perfect shots. Becoming a good cameraman is more than just mastering the use of cameras

Skills such as 

When Hiring a Cameraman 

When hiring a camera operator to work for you on your next project, a camera operator with proven experience is a must. What you don’t want is someone turning up at your venue to film with all the gear, but no idea!

A camera operator with the best cameras and studio means nothing. As a client, you must ask to see previous work, ideally the camera operator will have a portfolio of previous work.

What we Offer

As established Cinematic Filmmakers, Videographers and Photographers RAPT TV cover all aspects of media work. We operate with all the latest gear to capture exactly what clients want. 

Corporate Training Videos

Our corporate training videos are ideal for a company wanting to communicate with employees globally. 

Corporate Marketing Videos

To help build worldwide awareness of your brand, RAPT TV is renowned for producing eye-catching marketing videos for our many worldwide corporate clients. 

Creative Videography 

If you need a videographer with a proven pedigree of award-winning outstanding results. Head over to the RAPT TV website, here you can view David’s latest assignments and his extensive portfolio of completed projects. 

Awesome Photography

David’s photography is world-renowned, David can take quality photos in any type of environment on all kinds of occasions. 

Project Conception to Completion 

At our Cambridge Studios, we have a complete production facility, including lighting, audio and editing software. We are here to take your project from conception to completion with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Gear

We do have all the gear, but more importantly, we know how to use the gear. Whether is fast-paced action or slow motion we deliver to our clients above and beyond what’s expected. 

At RAPT TV we have every angle covered, including the latest technology advanced lighting, and sound recording for all a client’s post-production needs.

We are what you are looking for, we can take your project to the next level.

Why Choose RAPT TV 

Hiring our Cameraman Services

To hire RAPT TV for your next project, firstly get in touch, we would love to hear from you. To contact us, use our website contact page, here you can either give us a call or send us a message. 

We hope to work and collaborate with you on your next project.